11 September 2011

Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Speech

I love my MacBook Pro and since having it for a couple of years am a bit of a convert to all things Apple. I love that they look so nice and work so well. These things are not at odds! I know that the niceness of the looks doesn't make it work any better, but why not have something that does both!

Anyway, Stephen Fry tweeted this YouTube video of Steve Jobs delivering the commencement address for Stanford University from 2005.

I found the speech very inspiring even though I don't agree with him on everything. For instance one of his messages is to pursue your dreams, and if you are not loving what you are doing then change it. Now there is some truth in this, but I think there must be some boundaries. If I followed all my desires, without holding them in check then I'm not sure it would make me a very likeable person! As a Christian, holding them in check means measuring them up to the demands of Jesus and the bible.

I found his honesty very engaging, and his creative energy inspiring.

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