25 May 2004


Been thinking about buying a second car for some time. But why buy a boring car when you can have a VW Transporter. Its a 1972 Type II beauty.

16 March 2004

Fish and Chips

Well what an evening its been, one of a couple of new experiences:

1) Led my first session of Christianity Explored, a resource which does what it says on the tin... explores Christianity.

2) Did my first talk in a Fish and Chip shop.

Let me explain. I went to Loughborough University to take one of their Christianity Explored sessions. The FES (Fellowship of Evangelical Students) have about 7 friends who are interested in considering the claims of Christ. I did talk number 3 about "Why did Jesus die?" and it seemed to go okay. The venue they use is a room in a chip shop. Nice surroundings and good "neutral" territory. What a terrific bunch of students and there were some good discussions going on.

...and the fish and chips were very nice to!

13 March 2004

Lost in DIY (Part 1)

Did something new today, started "boxing in" the pipe going from the extractor fan in our kitchen to the outside wall. Bought the stuff from Homebase and its now nearly finished. The box is made and one of the batons is on the wall, and its just ripe for finishing next Saturday. Good job!

Our kitchen is now almost finished... hallelujah! We cannot wait to get it all done, and start inviting people round again. Our main motivation has been to better offer hospitality, not just have a nice house. We are almost there, when we can hopefully express our commitment to Christ in this way.

After the kitchen, there's the bathroom to finish and then just three rooms to decorate. Phew!

11 March 2004

To infinity and beyond!

Hello. Welcome to my first blog.

Today has been an okay day, but very busy. Most of my students behaved themselves... even Wayne.* I've not achieved half of the things I wanted to tonight, because I've been playing on this blog site and setting up my web page. I'd better go... my socks need pairing.

Come back again soon, there might (doubtfully) be something interesting on it. I hope to keep a sort of online record of stuff, thoughts etc. about life in general what I'm doing and about being a follower of Jesus Christ

See you!

*Names may have been changed to protect the guilty!