09 December 2005

Mistletoe and Wine

Just a quick blog this Christmas for any one who reads it... its better than getting one of those Christams letters stuck in your card (apologies to anyone who does that, of course I love reading yours!)

Sue and I are okay. It's been an eventful year, here are some of those events, in no particular order:
  1. Our church (Knighton) started a new church (Avenue Community Church) and Sue and I are really enjoying being part of it. It's great to start something new and especially to be part of a smaller congregation. And we've had to trust God (which is no bad thing).
  2. In May I had a bad accident on my bike, breaking my collar bone and hip. I was off work for half a term, and couldn't walk until the end of the summer. Even now my sciatic nerve aches (it's the cold weather you know).
  3. I sold my beloved camper van, and was sorry to see it go... maybe I'll buy another one?
  4. Sue is doing lots of music and singing, mainly with a jazz combo (come to the Cow and Plough on Wednesday lunch times and you'll see) and the Cecilian Singers chamber choir. Both sound amazing.
  5. Our jobs are good, both still enjoying teaching at St John's and Beauchamp College.
  6. Our families are well.
Thanks for reading this. Have a great Christmas. And remember him who gave us this jolly good celebration in the first place!

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